Hammered Acoustic Guitar (HAG) is a NI Kontakt-based sample library and the result of “playing” an Ibanez AE acoustic guitar with drum sticks and brushes. In order to make it sound punchy and powerful, Audiowiesel used two steel strings and tuned them to same pitch. This way it was achieved to maintain a slight modulation of the sound, a beat frequency.

Next to regular single notes (up to 9x round robin and 7 velocity layers) Audiowiesel also created an extensive section dedicated to effects and percussions. Especially the FX content is heavily processed and offers great material for musical sound design.

3 different versions

HAG Core contains all main patches, like sticks and brushes. These patches are great for harmonic rhythms, accents or melodic lines. As a special feature there is a slider included called ‘magic’. This additional sound layer enhances overtones and presence.

HAG FX & Percussion: In this package you find all percussive sounds and the FX section. This is intended for spicing up your tracks with fresh sounds. Besides that, Audiowiesel has implemented a freely playable midi gate for rhythmical effects and the opportunity to add depth and space by using the modwheel.

HAG Full Bundle is what the title says. You get everything what is included in ‘Core’ and ‘FX & Percussion’ and even more. Audiowiesel has created some special multis which make use of both sample contents.


• all versions of HAG require the full retail version of NI Kontakt v5.0.3 or higher
• PC 2.4Ghz, 4GB RAM or MAC 2.6Ghz, 4GB RAM
• ability to download
• up to 2.5GB of harddrive space (depends on the version of HAG)
• the downloaded files are in .rar archive format, you’ll need to extract the files;
• for Windows users:
• for Mac users (OSX):


• up to 9x round robin per note per velocity (Core)
• up to 7 velocity layers (Core)
• morphing feature included in percussion patches (FX & Perc)
• 4 tonal fx patches (FX & Perc) [1 /w 16 ambiences, 3 /w random detune function]
• size Core content: 1.4 GB Kontakt .ncw format
• size FX & Percussion: 1.1 GB Kontakt .ncw format
• sample resolution: 44,1kHz / 24bit stereo

For more info please visit:
HAG Core 59 EUR / 79 $ excl. VAT
HAG FX & Perc 59 EUR / 79 $ excl. VAT
HAG Full Bundle 109 EUR / 139 $ excl. VAT
(5 days introductory offer on ‘HAG Full Bundle’: additional -20%)


hag fx1

hag fx2

hag main