Viking Line is building a ferry that is something groundbreaking, unprecedented and completely new. This ferry, M/S Viking Grace, needs a signature tune to sum up all these wonderful features.

This tune will be played in advertisements and it will be played on board when people enter the ship. It will be used as part of announcements on board, and when the ship arrives at or leaves the dock. Basically the tune needs to be suitable for different kind of use, also internationally.

And of course the signature tune should sound like M/S Viking Grace. What we think the new ferry will be like can be described with following words: stylish, laid-back, cool, beautiful, funny, seductive, chill, modern, gripping, possibly a little provocative, adventurous, brave, trendy and spellbinding.

What we’re looking for is something as catchy or brandwise descriptive as the signature tunes of Sol Meliá, Turkish Airlines, Incredible India, or Ballantines (Innuendo).

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