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MODZ is a Finnish health technology company that focuses on developing products and services, which help you stay motivated in your daily self-care. The MODZ Blood glucose meter is part of motivational and mobile diabetes management system for children aging 6-16 yrs old, boys and girls.

There are 7 magnificent sounds we need for our device. We prefer melodic sounds, but do not let that hold your ideas and creativity back. Please see link below for visual reference.

General UI sound:

1. Reminder sound – From time to time, our users need to be reminded to remember to measure their blood glucose levels on time. Create our recognizable tune! Modz brand is colourful, motivating and inspiring. …Joyous…

MOODZ sounds:

Your blood glucose levels should be within certain limits. However, diabetics suffer from altering blood glucose levels, and that affects on their wellbeing. MODZ blood sugar measurement device has 5 levels for blood sugar levels – we call them Moodz, and they’ll need sounds to help our users to know their situation and to act to feel better – and then to cheer up!

2. Too low – You are feeling chilly, having cold sweat and you are tired. You need to eat something as quicky as you can to feel better than ever in no time!
3. Low – You are feeling bit tempered and frustrated. Relax, breathe, and grab a snack quickly!
4. Good – Good! Everything is great! Lets celebrate that little!
5. Good – Good! Everything is great, and you get a Prize! (user gets a motivational bonus)
6. High – You are feeling dizzy and thirsty, and you need to get up for a walk, or play and run for a while and take some medicine soon!
7. Too high – You are feeling drowsy and r e a l l y sleepy. You need to get your medicine quickly as a squirrel to get better!

Technical features:
Mono sound system
Small dynamic range speaker
Preferably no sounds below 100Hz
Preferred file format .wav 44100Hz sample rate

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