Head on over to Audiodraft to participate in this cool competition. A little more details below and here.

AVA is a Finnish national TV channel, website, and an active community of hundreds of thousands females – it’s a lifestyle brand which is created together with the viewers and advertisers. AVA’s brand is constantly changing through the comments and pictures from the viewers. Even the TV channel’s logo is redesigned weekly by the viewers. Indeed AVA’s slogan is “Luodaan yhdessä.” (eng. “Let’s create together.”)

The new brand will air on TV during August 2012 and now we are looking for a fresh and recognizable audio identity including audio logo, theme music, and other sound elements.

A renewal for the website will be done in the near future but you can find more information about AVA for example avatv.fi (in Finnish) and spotti.avatv.fi/site/ava/en/.

The audio logo is a short (around 1-2 sec), recognizable, and discreet melody or other kind of theme that can be used for example as a part of our animated logo in different contexts both in TV as well as in radio commercials. There can be multiple versions of the audio logo.

The theme music works as a base of our recognizable audio identity. The theme music is used for example in our TV channel ID, adverts ID, promotion of our programme, and also during the intros done by the TV channel’s host. Our current theme music is a couple of minutes dynamic track that has energetic peaks, serene middle sections, and other varying moods. From these moods we can create different kind of soundscapes with diverse durations.

The other sound elements can be different kind of sound effects like punches, transitions and similar sounds that can be used to enrich a soundscape and to create our own discreet audio identity for the AVA brand.

Give us your best shot and create a soundscape that sounds like AVA and is positive, light, and distinguishable. It should hold up heavy repeating and your girlfriend and also your mother should love it. It should be so recognizable that you might start whistling it without even noticing.

Your track should be 1-3 min in duration and include the audio logo in the beginning, then the theme song, and the other sound elements in the end. Separate the different sections with mute intervals.

For reference videos head over here.