Audio Wonder relases HYBRID WINDS

Audio Wonder is happy to announce the release of “Hybrid Winds” a revolutionary sound design library for composers and producers working in film and media composition.

HYBRID WINDS unlocks new emotions and frontiers never to be touched upon before in a winds collection. HYBRID WINDS is a collection of orchestral woodwind instruments captured in mangled and twisted into nearly 300 unique sound design instruments by the Audio Wonder Team.

Woodwinds are often the “unloved child” of modern cinematic music composition, yet the woodwind section contains an unexplored palette of timbral and emotional expression. In light of innovations modern film music, Audio Wonder decided that a fresh take on the woodwinds section was necessary. Hybrid Winds is the result.

HYBRID WINDS is a an absolute necessity for composers looking for inspiring, cutting-edge synth and tonal sound design colors to add to their palette music composition. HYBRID WINDS is the first installment in the Hybrid range.

Content consists of Hybrid Sustains, Hybrid Shorts, Pads, Hits & Risers all derived from woodwind samples being mangled through sound design processes.

● 295 NKIS
● 14,152 Samples
● 48khz/24bit
● 16.7GB (7.8 GB Compressed)


Full Retail Version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5.2 or later required.
(Not supported by free Kontakt Player)

Pricing & Availability

Available Wednesday August 30th at
$69 – Intro Pricing (Goes to $99 on September 13th)