2016 was a very vibrant year, at least for me. I had a great pleasure of meeting new people and talking to friends about their work. Here are some of the most memorable interviews we did in 2016.

Christopher Drake interview

If you watched any of the DC cartoons you probably know the man who scored them. Some of the best rated DC cartoons were scored by Christopher Drake. See how Christopher Drake made fantastic scores for Dark Knight Returns part 1 and 2 and how he created the awesome music for one of the best DC fighting games Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Mikkel Nielsen interview

If you are into field recording then you probably know about Mikkel’s work as a field recordings and a sound designer. He has done many featured films and he is wonderful person to talk to. You can read more about his work here.

Saro Sahihi interview

The man behind Soundbits. Probably released more sound effects libraries this year than anyone else. See how Saro made all those libraries here.

The sound of The Undead

Ever wanted to create aggressive zombie sounds? Meet the sound designer behind the notable LEGO games. In this interview we talked about Michael Leaning‘s work and his recently released The Undead. More here.

The sound of Swiss Army Man

Probably the most surprising film this year for me was a Swiss Army Man. I got in touch with the sound editor Russell Gorsky who worked on the movie to talk more about Swiss Army Man. Check out the interview here.

Vicky Fysika interview

Another surprise this year was Vicky Fysika. I talked to her about her work on the latest mobile game called Goo Saga. More in the interview here.

The music of Quantum Break

It was a real privilege talking to Petri Alanko about his work on some of the best games for PC and consoles. Check out the lenghty interview about Petri Alanko’s work.

The cinematic sound design of The Last of Us

The Last of Us is one of my favorite games with its amazing story and great sound design. So, of course I was interested on how the sound was made. I talked to Mike Niederquell about how he made the cinematic sound design of The Last of Us.

Scoring Mafia 3

In this interview I talked to Jesse Harlin about his work on Mafia 3 and we also touched on his past work. More here.

How Dehumaniser II was made

Ever wondered what it takes to create one of the best tools in the industry? Check out our interview with Orfeas Boteas, the founder of Krotos and the brains behind Dehumaniser II. You can also check out our review in case you have missed it.

Jeremy Rogers (The Sound Keeper) interview

Uncharted 4, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Ghosts and Guitar Hero 3. In this interview we talked to Jeremy Rogers, a sound designer behind the mentioned games. Check it out.

The haunting music of Uncanny Valley

In this interview we talk to Danilo Kapel about the haunting music of Uncanny Valley and touch on Danilo’s other works. More here.

Tilman Sillescu interview

In this interview, we talk to Tilman Sillescu about his work on Mortal Kombat X and Hitman.

The award winning sound for Food for Thought

In this interview we talk to Enos Desjardins on how he created award winning sound for a Food for Thought, a short film to raise awareness on unhealthy diet issue.

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