A song from Assam (a Northeastern State of India) entered into popular Tokyo based radio SSR’s “Radio Indie Alliance Top 10” hits. The song titled “Uri Jaboloi Mon Jai” was written by famous Assamese lyricist and composer Siddhartha Kashyap and sung by Tanupriya Kalita. The song was broadcasted in a music review show hosted by famous British musician Steve Benham on 5th February. Today Sound Street Radio announced the ranking of songs after yesterday’s broadcast. Singers from the USA(4), UK(2), Macedonia(1), Italy(1), Netherlands(1), India(1) were shortlisted for the Steve’s Radio Show.
A countrywide singer ranking of Radio Indie Alliance Top 10 is as follows:

Boston(USA) – Rank #1
Macedonia – Rank #2
California(USA) – Rank #3
Assam(India) – Rank #4
Holland(Netherlands) – Rank #5
United Kingdom – Rank #6
United Kingdom – Rank #7
Chicago(USA) – Rank #8
Virginia (USA) – Rank #9
Rome(Italy) – Rank #10

The song “Uri Jaboloi Mon Jai” was categorically appreciated by Steve Benham for the voice quality of the singer and ranked 4th in Top 10 hits. This gives all reason for natives of Assam, India to cherish.

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