Surge Sounds presents a cutting edge collection packed with 300 presets for Serum, Cthulhu, Massive plus 5 complete Construction Kits. Our focus was to craft a creativity enhancing compilation full of Pop & Moombahton sounds to take your productions to the next level!

Crafted with care and attention to detail by our team here at Surge Sounds, the concept behind this collection was inspired by Pop & Moombahton leaders Major Lazer. It was specifically designed to compete with the current chart-topping trends.

Maj Lazer II comes loaded with 104 unique presets for Serum, 96 catchy chord presets for Cthulhu, 100 fresh presets for Massive plus 5 complete Construction Kits with all relevant stems, presets and MIDI! These cutting-edge sounds will draw out mind blowing ideas that will boost your productions to the next level.

Plus with 4 macros for Serum & 8 macros for Massive on every preset you can always stay in your creative zone while tweaking to match your artistic sound.

As a bonus we included CHRDZ for Cthulhu which includes 96 custom chord presets for Cthulhu.

Each preset has an average of 45 unique chords. So 96 presets X 45 chords per preset comes to a total of 4320 chords across 12 keys in your hands! These chords were designed not only for Pop & Moombahton but also for Future Bass, Trap, Future Pop, EDM, Deep House, Future House and Tropical House.

Major, Minor, Suspended 2 & 4, Add 9 & 7ths chords in various voicings, you name it this pack has it! If you’re looking to grow your sonic collection with innovative and catchy sounds, Maj Lazer II is guaranteed to turbocharge your artistic sound!

Pack Contents:

104 Xfer Serum Presets
20 Synths
21 Leads
15 Basses
18 Plucks
15 Keys
13 Pads
2 Pianos
6 Custom Wavetables
4 Macros on every preset

100 NI Massve Presets
20 Synths
20 Leads
27 Basses
26 Plucks
7 Keys
8 Macros on every preset

5 Construction Kits
135 Stems
38 MIDI files

Am 102 Bpm
Bm 104 Bpm
Cm 115 Bpm
F# 108 Bpm
G# 102 Bpm

BONUS PACK – CHRDZ for Cthulhu

96 Chord Presets
24 Chords per Preset
4320 Total Chords
Major, Minor, Suspended 2 & 4, Add 9 & 7ths chords in various voicings & keys.
CHRDZ for Cthulhu Setup Guide PDF

100% Royalty-Free

Total Number Of Files:

2.8 GB

Software Requirements:

Xfer Serum 1.214 and NI Massive 1.3 or higher is required.
Cthulhu 1.195.


$24.00 ($19.00 at time of posting)

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