Who hasn’t been influenced by Star Wars in some way, shape or form? The brilliant visuals, fantastic music, great story and stellar sound design it is hard to look the other way when it comes to Star Wars saga. So, I gathered a lot of cool interviews and videos which tell the story about the sound of Star Wars.

PS: New interview was just published. Check out The Stellar Music of Battlefront II. An interview with Gordy Haab.

Behind some of the fantastic trailer music of Star Wars The Last Jedi. Interview with Jacob Yoffee.

In this interview, we talk to Jacob Yoffee who was one of the composers for the Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer campaigns. We also touch on his past work and discuss his workflow on the Disney series Andi Mack.

Sound Designer Ben Burtt on Star Wars, Indy, E.T. & more. Check out the video.

Very interesting 10-minute television special on sound effect wizard Ben Burtt.

The Sound of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed with David Collins. Podcast.

Beer porn & more cool podcast with David Collins, a former LucasArts sound designer and supervisor.

The Sound of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Watch here.

Rogue One’s gritty, war film aesthetic is a real departure for the Star Wars franchise, and this realism is born out in the sound design.

Star Wars Republic Commando Audio Retrospective. Check it out.

A great Star Wars Republic Commando audio retrospective video with the game’s audio lead David Collins and lead programmer Brett Douville.

Sound Design and Music of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2.

Behind the scenes look of the Sound design and Music for the video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2.

The sound design Star Wars Episode II. Full video.

Nice video about sound design Star Wars episode II.

Ben Burtt 2016 CayFilm Workshop. Watch the workshop here.

Sound Effects master and multiple Oscar winner, Ben Burtt shares some amazing stories about Star Wars and other films he has worked on.

The music of Empire Strikes Back. Watch here.

This is an ultra rare documentary made juring the Making of the Empire Strikes Back between 1979-1980.

The Sound of Star Wars Battlefront

Great podcast by Soundworks Collection about the sound of Star Wars Battlefront. Check it out here or listen below.

The Sound and Visual Effects of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at NAB 2016

Moderated by Bryan Bishop, Senior Reporter of The Verge and featuring Matt Wood, Supervising Sound Editor, Skywalker SoundJames Clyne, Visual Effects Art Director, Industrial Light & Magic and Pat Tubach, Visual Effects Supervisor, Industrial Light & Magic. Check it out here or visit Soundworks Collection.

How Star Wars Battlefront II’s stellar sound was made. Visit A Sound Effect for the full interview.

Ben Minto, Nathaniel Daw, and Olivier Asselin share the story on how – in a fascinating collaboration – the audio teams at DICE, Motive and Criterion created the game’s iconic sound.

Behind the excellent Star Wars Battlefront trailer sound design by A Sound Effect. Read the article here.

To say that the Star Wars Battlefront game from DICE / EA has been highly anticipated is probably a bit of an understatement. In addition to the fact that it looks fantastic and, well, it’s STAR WARS! – part of what built this excitement were a series of excellent-sounding trailers and cinematics.

To get the inside-story behind the trailer sound, I managed to get in touch with the team at Source Sound Inc who did the sound for them.

And in this special A Sound Effect interview, Charles Deenen, Csaba Wagner and Thomas Brewer take you behind the scenes on the Star Wars Battlefront trailer sound – and shares what it was like working with those iconic sounds.

Film Sound Today (Circa 1984) by Tonebenders. Check out the full blog post.

Recently a colleague showed me an old publication he found while reorganizing his office. It was a book, not much more then a magazine really, called Film Sound Today, written by Larry Blake in 1984. It’s a collection of articles he had written for various publications about the sound processes behind the biggest Hollywood films of the time. Some of the films covered in depth are Return of the Jedi, Disney’s Fantasia re-release and Francis Ford Coppola’s One For The Heart.

Scott Morton on Combat Audio for “Star Wars: The Old Republic”. Full article.

In this Studio Insider, Audio Designer Scott Morton guides us through the process of creating the perfect mix of music and sound effects to complement the combat experience, from the initial conceptualization to the final implementation. via: (Designing Sound)

“Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II” – Exclusive Interview with Brian Tibbetts and Damian Kastbauer. Interview.

Fantastic interview by Designing Sound with Brian Tibbetts and Damian Kastbauer.

Interview with Ben Burtt by Filmsound.org. Read the full interview.

Would you believe that four-time Oscar-winning sound designer Ben Burtt studied physics in college?

Rodney Gates Special: Coming Full Circle – Spearheading “Clone Wars Adventures” by Designing Sound.org. Read the full article.

It seems perfectly fitting that with the Star Wars films being such an influence for me as a Sound Designer, when the opportunity came up to become the Lead on “Clone Wars Adventures”, a joint venture between Sony Online Entertainment and Lucasarts, it was hard to resist.