An assamese (an Indian language) song “Uri Jaboloi Mon Jai” (Mind wants to fly) is receiving unprecedented global recognition from muliple countries. Recently on february 16th (Tuesday) the song was broadcasted by The Menance’s House of Indies (a popular Radio) of Norway on a new artist show hosted by Gleny Rudd (United Kingdom). The song was written by famous assamese musician Siddhartha Kashyap and voiced by upcoming and promising assamese singer Tanupriya Kalita. Official sources indicates the same song was broadcasted from Japan and London by Sound Street Radio on 5th February. The song got into Radio Indie Alliance Top 10 Hits, in new music review show of famous british musician Steve Benham. The song was released on 1st January 2021 on all major digital platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Hangaama, JioSaavn etc . The composer and singer duo received global acceptance and broadcasted from many radios like Jangoo Radio(Global), Amazing Radio(USA), Sound Street Radio(UK/Japan), Fun Rock Radio(Norway).

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