60% off “Textures & Traveler Aurus Bundle” by Audio Imperia

This unique cinematic bundle from Audio Imperia contains 5GB of content including cinematic atmospheres & drones, pads & synths, pulses and rhythms from “Traveler – Aurus” and organic, beautiful, haunting soundscapes, pads, hits and otherworldly sounds from “Textures“.

Available in both WAV & Kontakt format, this is the perfect bundle for creating other worldly cinematic sounds!

Journey to Another World With 5GB+ of Cinematic Content

This unique bundle from Audio Imperia includes two sample libraries designed exclusively for creating evocative cinematic landscapes, atmospheres, pads, synths and hits: Textures and Traveler – Aurus

The massive 5.3 GB of content covers a wide range of tonal and sound design possibilities meaning you’ll never run out of aural inspiration!

The bundle is available in both WAV & Kontakt format so you can use the sounds with or without Kontakt and includes the following content:

– Atmospheres & Drones (Nontonal and Tonal)
– Pads & Synths
– Pulses
– Rhythms
– Loops & Sounds
– Ambient Textures & FX Textures
– Hit Textures
– Pad Textures & Simple Textures