50% off Electric Bass Bundle by Dream Audio Tools [ENDED]

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The Electric Bass Bundle contains two electric bass guitar libraries for Kontakt, which offer single notes, articulations and playable patterns, all tempo synced to your tracks.

This bundle is perfect for anyone looking for highly realistic sounding bass lines in their tracks – eg. pop, rock, indie etc.

Realistic Sounding Bass Guitar Lines, Every Single Time

Playing properly realistic bass repetitions is considered to be a troublesome task, even with round-robins, due to the lack of interconnections between note – this becomes especially audible when composing modern rock or hybrid rock tracks.

The “Repetitive Bass” libraries fill the gap by introducing real sequences, multisampled and playable according to host tempo. Both libraries include repetitions in Fourths and Eights plus Single Notes (clean + distorted)

The Electric Bass Bundle contains both Repetitive Bass and Liverpool Edition at a combined price of 50% off!