123creative releases Psytrance VST effect plug-ins & Samples bundle

123creative has released in cooperation with G-Sonique sound engineers Psytrance VST effect plug-ins & Samples bundle + BONUS 40 Progressive Samples in this pack.

The bundle is not suitable only for Psytrance producers, it can be very inspirational and useful in many other genres such as Progressive, Trance, Psy, Goa, Psychill, Progressive Trance, Experimental, Ethno, Chillout and more.

This big collection includes:

  • DIDGERIDRONE – VST didgeridoo effect plug-in
  • SHAMANIZER – VST ethno effect plug-in
    • PSYTRANCE DRUM KIT 1 – 1015 samples
  • DIDGERIDRONE – VST didgeridoo plug-in is digital instrument which can create realistic didgeridoo sound based on rhythm and amplitude of input sound / music.. It convert any instrument into Didgeridoo, real-time!
    Didgeridoo is mystical instrument of native people/shamans from Australia called “Aboriginal Australians”. Now you can convert any instrument (guitar, synthesizer etc.) into didgeridoo or let the didgeridoo play in rhythm of your tracks (this VST effect will play the same rhythm as your drums or percussions.)
  • SHAMANIZER – VST ethno plug-in is special effect that generates shamanix vibrations and mysterious chorals according to rhythm and amplitude of input signal. Perfect in combination with drums, synths and guitars.
  • PSYTRANCE DRUM KIT 1 – 1015 samples including Kick drums, Percussions, Hi-hats/Open-hats, Snare drums, Claps, Electronic sounds, hits, FXs, Basses, Blips and clicks.
  • BONUS:  40 PROGRESSIVE SAMPLES from FX Sample pack, which contains from fresh and positive dance FXs to mysterious and dark FX sounds from outer space. You can additionally combine / layer individual samples and apply VST effects to create new and unique sounding effects.


Content: 2 VST effect plug-ins, 1015 Samples + BONUS: 40 Samples

File formats: * .DLL (VST plug-in), *.WAV (for MAC and Windows)

Requirements: for synthesizer: Windows 32bit VST host (Cubase, FL studio and others), for Samples: Software or Hardware sampler / Drumbox

Price: 48 €. There is an introductory price of 24 €.

Download Demo (available without installation):

Didgeridrone – VST didgeridoo effect

Shamanizer – VST ethno plug-in

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