123creative has released Dean’s Noise Candy, sound textures and vinyl noise sample pack, in cooperation with Electronisounds.

Dean’s Noise Candy features 64 tasty noise textures – from filthy vinyl layers to soothing saturtated tape hiss. This sample pack was made for all sound designers, who are looking for authentic analog gear sound with delicious dirt, grit and noise in the tracks. It is useful for all Filter addicts, Dub Techno heads, Noise junkies, Future Garage trippers, IDM dreamers, Lo-Fi loungers and Dark Techno travellers.

Dean’s Noise Candy is fulfilled with dirty vinyl noise, tape hiss, white noise, analog gear hums, ambient machine noise, low-frequency machine rumbles, even a few nature noise textures. Adding of these sounds in subtle ways to your tracks can really give you a classic vibe, or a deep underground techno vibe.
The Elektron Analog Heat MKII was used extensively to give these recordings a really amazing sound quality.


One way to use these noise textures, is simply to put them relatively low in your mix, and then gently sidechain them to your kick snare to help really lock in with the groove your track rhymically. I also suggest to EQ them and filter them to taste – you may choose to keep the “low rumble” or you might want to high pass filter these anywhere from 600hz – 2,000hz (to taste) and depending on your track. Inversely, you might choose to put a low pass filter and remove much of the top end, for super-dark, dub techno noise washes.

Also, EQ or using hi and low pass filters, you can also automate filter sweeps to create your own unique risers and downfilters with these textures. I’ve even included a few custom risers in the pack.

You can trim out just a few milliseconds of noise to layer with drums, and add a unique transient punch to any drum sound.

You can leave them fairly loud in the mix, and heavily sidechain them to the kick drum for a massive pumping techno effect.

Pack content:

– Misc Noise (white noise, tape noise, machine noise, etc.)
– Nature Noise (gentle streams and birds mostly)
– Vinyl Noise (from perfect dusty vinyl crackles, to deeply filthy and oversaturated vinyl textures!)


• 64 noise textures samples
• Included format: *.WAV
Compatibility: These wav samples will also work inside of any DAW or hardware that accepts standard wav samples.

Price: 19,49 €. There is an introductory price of: 13,49 €

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