123creative.com releases Sonic Rebellion patches for Renegade

Sonic Rebellion patches is the first preset bank for Renegade VSTi virtual analog synthesizer (from our partner company G-Sonique digital instruments).

“RENEGADE analog monster” synthesizer joins two worlds – the digital and the analog. The Renegade combines the warm and organic sound of vintage analog synths with the sharpness, Toughness and precision of digital sound processing. Renegades design is based on the algorithms of DSP chips and the analog circuits of real hardware synthesizers. It includes special features like the Supersaw oscillator, serial combinations of vintage analog filters with clear-cut and robust digital filters and the amplifier Section which boasts internal clipping suppression and non-linear analog saturation. Renegade has been designed to supply tough, well defined lead sounds, fat basses and juicy organic analog sounds.

Renedage VSTi synthesizer is more than suitable for making sounds for Psytrance, Trance, Dance, Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, Electro, EBM, Tek House, Psytrance and Goa. Therefore Sonic Rebellion preset bank is designed mainly for Psytrance music producers to get your creativity flowing to write new tracks or finish ones you’ve already started.

SUITABLE GENRES: psytrance, electro, trance, breakbeat, ambient, industrial
Collection includes 64 twisted patches and bonus 42 key-labeled kick drums, and 10 key-labeled sub kick drums.

Note: We used 8 instances of Renegade in the audio demo. All melodic sounds are made with Renegade. All drum sounds are from other our samplepacks.

• File formats: *.gxp (Synth preset bank) + BONUS *.wav (kick drums)
• Requirements: G-Sonique Renegade VSTi
• Total: 64 patches + 42 key-labeled kick drums and 10 key-labeled sub kick drums

Limited Introductory price: 7.49 €
Price: 12.49 €

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