123creative.com releases Ruthless Dubstep Massive presets

123creative-Ruthless-Dubstep-Massive-presetsRuthless preset bank contains 55 ready to use sounds, which will give your tracks that ear piercing, metallic, Deathstep sound. Each patch has all 8 of Massive macros assigned to various parameters, which allows the user to morph and transform each individual sounds into a completely new sound.

These sounds were inspired by the underground artist Mantis.

Total Presets:

55 Presets
Bass: 38 Presets
FX: 5 Presets
Keys: 5 Presets
Leads: 5 Presets
PADS: 2 Presets

Please Note:
Presets are .nmsv files, use the latest Massive, the drums used in the demo track are not included.


– File formats: *.nmsv
– Requirements: Use the latest NI Massive version
– Total: 55 Massive presets

Limited Introductory price: 21.00 €
Price: 25.00 €


OR Bass – Ace Hit I
OR Bass – Ace Hit II
OR Bass – Ace Hit III
OR Bass – Ace Hit IV
OR Bass – Anger
OR Bass – Blast
OR Bass – Bounce
OR Bass – Cat’s Meow
OR Bass – Cyber Mantis
OR Bass – Digi Brass
OR Bass – Filther
OR Bass – Initiated
OR Bass – Jaw Breaker
OR Bass – Limits
OR Bass – Lure
OR Bass – Mecha Phaze
OR Bass – Mercy
OR Bass – Morph
OR Bass – Pest Control
OR Bass – Phaze
OR Bass – Rapid
OR Bass – Rated
OR Bass – Rhythm
OR Bass – Rider
OR Bass – Ritual
OR Bass – Roid
OR Bass – Rude
OR Bass – Ruthless I
OR Bass – Ruthless II
OR Bass – Ruthless III
OR Bass – Ruthless IV
OR Bass – Ruthless V
OR Bass – The Chrome
OR Bass – The Drone
OR Bass – The Lab
OR Bass – Thug
OR Bass – Tranzform
OR Bass – Yard
OR FX – Bell
OR FX – Death Hit I
OR FX – Death Hit II
OR FX – Replic
OR FX – The Whisperer
OR Key – Crush Them
OR Key – Fallen
OR Key – Old
OR Key – Praise
OR Key – Zone
OR Lead – Dark Throne
OR Lead – Defy
OR Lead – Rot
OR Lead – Tallic
OR Lead – Zaw
OR PAD – Death Bug
OR PAD – Digi Choir

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