123creative.com releases Free Samples & Kontakt 5 Library “Harmonics”

123creative.com has released Free Samples & Kontakt 5 Library “Harmonics” in cooperation with Vstoff sound designers.

Genres: Electronic, Fusion, Cinematic

This library does a step forward, over the fundamental note of a piano. Experimenting with the harmonics generated, the user can create wonderful Pads and Textures.

We thought a new key to understand the visual of the sound, focusing on the harmonics generated between piano chords and pedals. The result is extremely detailed and our library became a useful tool for your Piano / Pad compositions.

Impulse Response
The power of convolution reverb engine inside Kontakt gave us the chance to improve the space of the samples thanks to three Impulse Response samples from different areas: Small, Hall, Gold

Two Powerful sliders: Phaser & Delay. The combination to give to the samples the effect that you need. Indeed this plug-in contains 7 presets to modulate the sound and discover the features of harmonics: Lyric Heaven, Blues Waves, Resolution, Unique Case, No Dream, Double Bass, White Cat

Beautiful Mix
Playing with Attack & Release you will extend and modulate the sound, making really short for a “pizzicato” patterns or longer for some dark spacious Pads.

• 72 Wave Samples (24 x 3 velocity layers)
• Recorded in 48 kHz / 24 bit
• Requirement: Kontakt 5.2.1 or latest (NOT compatible with Kontakt Player)
• Sample Libraries based on Kontakt by Native Instruments

Note: This product is for free. You can download it at product page.

Product page / Demosong: