123creative.com releases Artisan EDM Dune 2 presets

123creative.com has released Artisan EDM Dune 2 presets in cooperation with Electronisounds.

GENRES: EDM, Electro House, Big Room, Festival House, Trance, Psy Trance, Minimal, IDM and more

Artisan EDM preset bank for DUNE 2 VSTi – this bank of skillfully crafted patches will bring you instant inspiration. The sounds are based around a new custom wavetable with 64 all-new custom waveforms. These brand new waveforms allow for new and unique sounds and timbres that were not possible with DUNE 2 until now.

Using this bank of patches, you will get the sound and feeling of EDM straight away. These sounds will appeal to producers of many different genres and the all-new waveforms are perfect building blocks for those of you who like to experiment and design your own sounds.

The soundbank features 100 presets including electro basses, inspiring leads, side-chain “pumping” sounds, driving plucks, chilled and evolving pads, tempo synced arps and sequences, FX sounds and drum sounds for ALL your EDM production needs.

Mod wheel programming is featured in most patches for extreme sonic flexibility and sound variation(s).

Always use the Modulation Wheel on your keyboard while playing a sound, interesting things will happen (morphing). In fact in many cases you will have two sounds in one single preset, just by opening the modulation wheel.

All of the MIDI files for the “Sequence” patches are included so you can use the melodies with other sounds or edit / customize them.

Pack content: 100 presets
– 9 Arps
– 13 Basses
– 2 Chords
– 12 Drums
– 5 FX
– 26 Leads
– 6 Pads
– 4 Plucks
– 14 Sequences
– 9 Synths

• 14 MIDI sequences
• 64 Wavetables


• File formats: *.FXP (Sysex patches, DUNE 2), *.MID, *.WT
• This soundset requires the DUNE 2 VSTi from Synapse Audio
• 100 presets for Dune 2 VST, 14 MIDI sequences, 64 Wavetables

Introductory price: 14.59 €
Price: 19.99 €

More info / Demosong: