123creative.com releases Age of Transitions NI Massive soundset 1.

Age-of-Transitions---coverAge of Transitions soundset 1 is a collection of 64 presets / patches for NI Massive instruments. The collection contains moody pads, soundscapes, ethereal bells, percussion, and sublime fantasy woodwind instruments. This set of high quality ambient, filmscore and new age style patches. Nearly every each patch have all 8 macro controls assigned to it. Very usable soundset for any musical styles, perfect for ambient, films score, experimental.


– File formats: .NMSV
– Requirements: Soundset for Native Instruments Massive
– Total: 64 presets / patches


NI Massive – Age of Transitions Patch List
[BL] Crystal Orbs
[BL] Glass Inharmonic
[BL] Glowing Rods
[BL] Ice Stalactites
[BL] Ice Stalagmites
[BL] Midnight Bells
[BL] Multiphonics Crystals
[BL] Nitrogen Pipes
[BL] Oasis Bells
[BL] Yellow Metal
[JP] Adansonia Peeks
[JP] Array Xylophone
[JP] Atlantean Celesta
[JP] Bamboo Harp
[JP] Bamboo Organ
[JP] Bangkirai Peeks
[JP] Carbon Lamellophone
[JP] Coastal Village
[JP] Conga Fury
[JP] Dipteryx Peeks
[JP] Hammer Kalimba
[JP] Mahagoni Plates
[JP] Pinched Ivory
[JP] Rainbow Eucalyptus
[JP] Square Hybirds
[JP] Theobroma Xylophone
[PD] Agharti
[PD] Dark Aura
[PD] Floating Islands
[PD] Hollow Shell
[PD] Rainforest Caverns
[PD] Solitude Etude
[PD] Stealth Shapes
[PD] The Other Side
[PD] Weathering Process
[SC] 4th Dimension
[SC] Abyss
[SC] Agartha
[SC] Autumn Colours
[SC] Brain Fog
[SC] Breeze
[SC] Combining Mist
[SC] Dense Fog
[SC] Desolation
[SC] Night Dunes
[SC] Something In The Air
[SC] Spooky Jungle
[SC] Spotlight Dust
[SC] Turquoise Limbo
[SC] Vertigo
[SE] Before Night Falls
[SE] Calculating Depth
[SE] Calculating Rhythm
[SE] Calculating Tones
[SE] Calculating Waveforms
[SE] Cascading Drops
[SE] Cascading Rapids
[WD] Astral Woodwind
[WD] Calm Organ
[WD] Digital Aerofon
[WD] Indigo Luminosity
[WD] Moist Pipe Organ
[WD] Possessed Organ
[WD] White Wind

Standard price: 9.95 €


You can listen to the DEMO at the same link too.