123creative.com releases 4 Preset banks for NI Massive synth

123creative.com has released 4 Preset banks for NI Massive synth in cooperation with Xenossoundworks.

• Apocalyptic Visions
• Funkedelics
• 70s and 80s Synths
• Extraterrestrial Origins

‘Apocalyptic Visions’ – emotionally hardcore soundbank which brings you 64 disturbing pads, insane soundscapes, creepy sound effects, raw fantasy musical instruments, dark basses, moody mallets and bells. Comments under the attributes are fictional diary entries outlining a post-apocalyptic story, designed to immerse you in the experience and help inspire song ideas. “Joe’s” diary entries as he narrates his life in a worldwide cesspool of anarchy, violence, poverty, death and disease.

• Genres: Dark Ambient, Breakcore, Chillout, Dark Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Electro, Experimental, Hardstyle, IDM, Metal, Pop, Sountrack, Trip Hop, Psychill, Future Garage, Death metal
• 64 Massive presets
• File format: *.NMSV format (Sysex patches)

Price: 15.00 €. Introductory price of: 11.83 €

Product page / Demosong:

‘Funkedelics’ – contains 65 deliciously organic and ultra funky patches for Hip Hop, Funk, Trip Hop, Nu Jazz or producers of similar musical styles. Each patch has all 8 Macro Controls assigned.

• Genres: Hip Hop / Rap, Funk, Acid Jazz, Trip Hop, Breakbeat, Dirty South, East Coast, Grime, Lounge, Neo Soul, Pop, R’n’B, West Coast
File format: *.NMSV format (Sysex patches)
• 65 Massive presets (17 Basses, 3 Keys, 19 Leads, 6 Pads, Sound Effects, 9 Synths)
• File format: *.NMSV format (Sysex patches)

Price: 11.45 €. Introductory price of: 7.45 €

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Extraterrestrial Origins‘ – contains 64 ethereal and sublime presets. The generous serving of epic space pads and alien soundscapes will transport your tracks into the deepest unexplored regions of the cosmos, while the other patches are designed to compliment those. This set was a labor of love, heavily inspired by my personal fascination with astronomy, quantum physics and science fiction. Comments under the attributes tab represent a sci-fi short story as you flip through the sounds.

• Genres: Ambient, Breakcore, Chillout, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Electronic, Ethnic, Garage, IDM, Minimal, Pop, Soundtrack
• File format: *.NMSV format (Sysex patches)
• 64 Massive patches (AT, Basses, FX, Leads, Pads, Plucks, Synths)
• File format: *.NMSV format (Sysex patches)

Price: 12.95 €. Introductory price of: 9.95 €

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70s and 80s Synths‘ – contains 64 retro-styled presets for Native Instruments Massive, invoking fond memories of that bygone era. All 8 Macros are intelligently assigned to each patch for maximum variation and expression.

• Genres: 80s, Funk, Pop, Rock, New Wave, Hip Hop, Chillout, Breakbeat, House, Electro
• File format: *.NMSV format (Sysex patches)
• 64 Massive patches
• File format: *.NMSV format (Sysex patches)

Price: 12.00 €. Introductory price of: 7.25 €

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