123creative.com releases Vintage guitar boutique in cooperation with G-Sonique engineers. This news is the first of its kind in our website.

G-Sonique: Vintage guitar boutique 1 is collection of VST guitar effects: pedals/stompboxes and guitar combos modeled and inspired by real gear from 60s and 70s. It is intended not only for guitarists.

Vintage guitar boutique is aimed for following music styles like: rock n roll, blues, jazz, rock, surf rock, indie rock, dream pop, dub, chillout, downtempo, reggae, ska, big beat and others.
All effects are STEREO, so can be used for almost any music production, not only guitar tracks. For example tape echo or rotor can be used for various styles of electronic music and downtempo.

Vintage guitar boutique 1 includes:

– 5 vacuum tube combos (speaker + vacuum tube amplifier) with built-in equalizer and overdrive unit which can be turned off for clean sound.
– Blackhead combo
– Brownhead combo
– Coral combo
– Silky cream combo
– Valverth combo
– 4 stereophonic vintage guitar pedals/stompboxes:
– Rotor B-33: sound of rotary speaker known from vintage electric organs, perfect for blues, jazz, lounge, funk and similar styles
– Tapeflux tape echo: vintage analog tape echo with deep relaxed tone, perfect for surf rock, indie, downtempo, jazz, dream pop/dream rock and more
– Tube scream: vacuum tube overdrive pedal for vintage rock, blues and rock n roll
– V1 vacuum tube EQ: offers true tone of vintage vacuum tube equalizer pedal


– File format: .dll (VST plug-in)
– Requirements: Windows 32bit VST host (Cubase, FL studio and others)

Standard price: 24.90 €
Limited introductory price (discount 40%): 14.94 €

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