123creative.com presents 3 preset banks for Dune and Dune 2 synth

Frozen Lifeforms – Dune presets

Frozen Lifeforms collection can give to your music a soft vintage flavor by evolving pads, uplifting leads, delicate plucks and mallets. The patches extensively use the modwheel, velocity and aftertouch to make them even more expressive.

Suitable genres: EDM, ambient, chill, electronica productions


• File formats: *.fxb (Synth Bank, DUNE native format)
• Requirements: Synapse Audio DUNE (not DUNE 2)
• Total: 64 Dune presets (Arpeggiated 9, Bass 4, Keyboards 3 , Lead 5, Mallets 7, Pads 17, Plucks 2, Special Effects 3, Synthesized 10, Textures 4)

• Introductory price: 9.95 €
• Price: 12.95 €

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Electronic Essence – Dune presets

Electronic Essence collection contains fresh and up to date presets designed to enhance any modern production and fit the mix with little effort. All patches in this soundset take full use of the Dune synth engine, expecially the Differential Engine and the multi-filters unit.

Suitable genres: EDM, House, Progressive House, Progressive, Trance, Ambient, Chillout, any kind of electronic music creations


• File formats: *.fxb (Synth Bank)
• Requirements: Synapse Dune (v1.4 or higher)
• Total: 84 Dune presets (25 Basses, 17 Leads, 23 Pads, 19 Plucks)

• Introductory price: 15.00 €
• Price: 18.00 €

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Renegade EDM – Dune 2 presets

Renegade EDM collection bring to your EDM music production deep gritty-grimey basses, crushed & modulated dubstep basses, hard-knocking house basses, epic leads, punchy plucks, smooth pads, dreamy reverb-soaked arps, modulated sequences and more. Extensive mod wheel programming is featured in most patches for extreme sonic flexibility and sound variations.

Suitable genres: all genres of EDM such as: Ambient, Bassline, Breakbeat, Dance, Deep/Tech, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, EDM, Electro, Garage, Grime, Hardstyle, House, Minimal, Progressive, Tech-House, Techno, Trance, Hard Dance, Underground, Hard Dance, Underground


• File formats: *.fxp (Sysex patches, DUNE 2)
• Requirements: Synapse Audio DUNE 2
• Total: 100 patches for Dune 2 (13 Arps, 38 Basses, 5 FX, 35 Leads, 4 Pads, 5 Synths)

• Price: 14.59 €

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