123creative.com announces SAMPLE PACKS Discounts up to 50% off and New libraries on sale

123creative.com has launched Sample packs May sale with special discounts up to 50% off for all sample libraries. Our libraries are designed for a wide range of music genres that each producer of electronic music can find something for his momentary music creation.

– Within this special offer you can get favorite libraries of many producers at friendly prices:

• Cerebral Ambient Glitch Sample pack: 11,93 € (regular price 20,75 €)
Genres: Ambient, Dub, Glitch, Trip Hop, IDM, Downtempo, Chill, Psybient , Psychill…

• Technotron SD422: 11,94 € (regular price 19,90 €)
Genres. minimal techno, industrial, schranz, electro, free tekno, EDM, House, Dubstep…

• Future IDM Glitch Sample pack: 16,50 € (regular price 23,50 €)
Genres: Glitch, Deep Dubstep, IDM, Electronic, Dub, Trip Hop, Experimental, Breakbeat…

• Psytrance Drum Kit 1: 11,20 € (regular price 16,00 €)
Genres: Psytrance, Psy, Dark, Progressive

– New Sample packs on sale:

• Hybrid ElectriX Sample pack: 14,14 € (regular price 21,75 €)
Genres: EDM, Dubstep, House, Techno, Trip Hop, Minimal, Hip Hop, Breakbeat…

• Deep Tech Drum Lab Sample pack: 22,68 € (regular price 30,00 €)
Genres: Techno, Tech House, Tech, Deep / Tech

• PsyTrance Energy Sample pack: 13,35 € (regular price 20,54 €)
Genres: Psytrance, Trance, Progressive, Electro

This special pricing is available for a limited time until May 31.
Please visit 123creative.com for next information: http://www.123creative.com/12-electronic-music-production-audio-samples-and-loops