Black Friday deals are always good for us as the prices are starting as low as 3 US dollars. Here are a few suggestions that we think might be a good investment. Note: These are not affiliated links or in any way shape or form connected to the developers.

Ultimate Destruction HD Pro by The Recordist ($65.00)

More than 600 sounds presented across 217 tracks that will blow your mind. Recorded over a five year period at 24-Bit 96kHz at many dirty, dusty, smelly, noisy, dangerous and physically grueling locations.

The Doors by Hiss and a Roar ($66.00)

Not particularly a Black Friday deal but a new library with 33% discount. Doors are always useful.

This collection represents the first in a series of libraries of DOORS and household props, with Volume 1 containing over 13GB of doors (from gentle opens and closes, to slams!) as well as door knocks, hits, creaks, latch moves, locks, wall hits, and door movement across carpet.

Elements: Zippers by Mindful Audio ($23.79)

Again a new library but at the half the price. Thousand zipper sounds in Elements: Zippers – recorded and edited by George Vlad.

Guns (collection) by Chuck Russom FX ($147.50)

An epic collection of multi-channel gun recordings. Captured by experienced gun recordists using multiple microphones placed at close, medium, and distant perspectives. High resolution (24 bit 96K) audio was recorded to 20 tracks using high-end professional recorders, microphones, and preamps. An extensive recording process yielded 55 gigabytes of raw source recordings to build this library from.

Just Gore + 99 bonus sounds by Soundbits ($30.74)

496 files containing over 820 goregeous bone breaking, blood soaking and flesh slicing Splatter SoundFX.

Lethal Energies by Digital Rain Lab ($36.60)

The Lethal Energies sound effects library gets you a powerful and versatile collection of designed sci-fi guns and weapons.

MAK by Collected Transients ($15.25)

MaK is a Kontakt instrument which replicates the sounds of a person using various computer keyboards, mice, or touchscreen devices. This allows you to very quickly perform the foley of using one of these devices via midi.

Data destruction by Glitchedtones ($3.66)

A collection of sounds made from databending, the creative destruction of digital data.

Matter Mayhem by SoundMorph ($111.75)

Matter Mayhem was created in collaboration with Frederic Devanlay (Sinematic, Solar Sky) and Cedric Denooz (Future Weapons), and contains 1,500+ sounds / 5.75Gb of 24bit/96khz .WAV files,all meticulously embedded with Soundminer & Bashead metadata.

Human by Airborne Sound ($13.66)

400 sound fx, totalling over 1.6 gigabytes of coughing, cooing, puking, sneezing, and sniffles. Laughing, grunting and groans join farts, burps, and belches. There are wolf whistles, cat calls, snoring, and others.