01011010 digital media group presents 123creative.com, creative boutique with background music – stock music for video producers, filmmakers, photographers.


European holding 01011010 digital media group, is proud to present you their new website / project called www.123creative.com

123creative.com is a digital webstore/virtual community with various materials for creative people (video producers/videographers/editors/video game developers, music producers, graphic designers and webdesigners).

123creative consist of 4 main categories; one of them is BACKGROUND MUSIC.

Background music – are instrumental songs that can be used in various media: presentation movies for companies, artistic movies, feature films, advertisements, on-line videos, websites, and also in videogames, radio, TV, photo presentation etc. This music helps to create atmosphere of the movie.

“While music created upon order or licensed music is often very expensive and difficult to manage, 123creative.com offers you most conformable way how to get high quality music for your movie within few seconds – over internet.”

“If you intend to create a movie, presentation or advertisement with limited budget, royalty free background music is probably the best solution how to get professional music within few clicks: You can browse catalogue of background music on-line and listen to the demos, choose your songs, pay with PayPal/CreditCard and you will receive download link to your e-mail, immediately after purchase. No orders, no difficult licenses, no credits – all songs are Royalty free for unlimited use in your projects.” Says CEO of 123creative.com

While 123creative is not a first website of this kind on the worldwide market, it tries to distinguish in many aspects, on of them is Quality/Quantity ratio. Despite most of websites with background music are trying to have as many songs as possible, 90% of songs there is often of low quality, which can result in losing time of their clients, because of endless browsing in catalogues/listening to thousands of demosongs. Clients must browse in big on-line catalogues full of various quality songs, until they find professional sounding track which meets their needs. We believe that quality matters and our main goal is to select only professional sounding tracks so we can save valuable time of our clients.

123creative.com has also ambition to become bridge between talented people/artists worldwide – allowing everybody to collaborate in this project: for example music producers help film producers by offering their background music at 123, graphic designers help other graphic designers by offering minor graphic elements, fonts, backgrounds, webdesign elements, etc., so we are creating community of various creative and talented people worldwide – almost everybody can offer his/her product at 123 and similarly every artist can buy products and use them in his/her complex work. While art is becoming multi-medial, (for example good movie consists of good graphics in intro, good music in background, good camera and editing/visual effects) now creative people: graphic designers, webdesigners, music producers and filmmakers can join their efforts and offer their talent to create stunning works together, by helping each other. Every author is receiving % from every sales, if you order any music you are simultaneously supporting author of this song.

One vision of 123creative.com is to become place for all creative people, with components that can help in their work and save their time so they can focus on creating complex artistic projects rather then losing time with creating individual minor components. Besides background music, video producers can find there next useful stuff as graphic backgrounds/textures or various fonts for movie intros/outros/captions/credits : and our big
ambition is to become “everything you need at one place”.

123creative.com wishes you nice time while listening to demosong catalogue, and believes that our products could really help you in your work.

Initial catalogue of background music can be found at:


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www.123creative.com – creative boutique